LEADING LADY, bronze medal winner of the INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING AWARD, finalist for the HAMMETT PRIZE honoring literary excellence in the field of crime writing and FOREWORD MAGAZINE’s Mystery/Thriller of the Year.


Tolmitch Productions presents Leading Lady, a dramatized audiobook with an full cast and original music. Starring Richard Portnow and Beege Barkette.

On a gray winter’s day in New York a motley group of strangers
are thrust together. They are:

An escaped convict intent on revenge.
An exotic dancer who dreams of becoming a great actress.
A super secret agent on an impossible mission.
Two Delta Force operatives who want to shoot everybody in sight.
A Mafia killer with a noseful of coke and a piece of broken glass
in his eye.
A Russian billionaire with powerful connections.
A crooked jewelry dealer in search of a family heirloom.
A wealthy woman hiding a guilty past.
And…A three fingered Albanian crook who hopes he’ll make it
through the day.

Their lives collide on a twisting, turning journey through
New York’s underworld with a surprise popping up at every corner.

This suspenseful noir thriller will keep you guessing until the
explosive ending.


“Veteran screenwriter and novelist Gould writes with infectious
crackle and humor. Colorful back stories peppered throughout
add tension.”
—Kirkus Review

“Readers will appreciate Heywood Gould’s wild Noir.”
—Harriet Klauser, The Mystery Gazette

Jerry Lang was an awesome character. He was a bad guy that I
hated to love, but loved him I did…The method used to give
the characters background on put me in mind of Stephen King’s
—Red Adept EBook Reviews

“A great Sunday afternoon read.”
—Barbara Defina, producer of Goodfellows and Casino

“Gould is a screenwriter, but this yarn owes more to his days as a
reporter for the New York Post…Gould sketches his motley crew in
detail without sacrificing his relentless pace. Lots of fun.”

“Action Packed Suspense Thriller: New Mystery Book Best
of Season. “Leading Lady is an action packed, suspense thriller
of the top caliber. If you think you know thrillers, and you
like a complex story with a set of characters that stepped off
of the Godfather movie set, then I would highly recommend
Leading Lady. You will not be disappointed.”
—New Great Books That Are A Must Read, Peter N. Jones. Ph.D

“…Murders, double-crosses and more, straight to an explosive and chilling ending…it’s like watching a Nascar event. Fast, dangerous,
—Anthony Scaduto, author of Bob Dylan: A Biography & Mick
Jagger: Everybody’s Lucifer

“Veteran screenwriter and novelist Heywood Gould has done it again. When it comes to putting together a cast of characters, on screen or on paper, he is tops… if you love the idea of, say, “The Sopranos” hobnobbing with law enforcement types, Special Ops, ex KGB types and other assorted thugs, killers, thieves etc. this is your cup of tea…
—I Love A Mystery, Manya Nogg







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