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  • Dear Mr. Gould:

    As a bartender and as an author of a cocktail book I have always been curious about the history of the trade. Recent trends in bartending have exposed a great deal of research, both in liquid and book form, about the ancient (pre-Prohibition) figures and recipes, but very little has been written about the post-Prohibition history of bartending. A friend and I are trying to write such a history and without a doubt, both the book and movie Cocktail are intriguing cultural touchstones in bartending’s evolution.

    If you had the timeI was hoping I might be able to email you a few questions about the inspiration and actions in the novel, in order to place it within a historical context. Thank you.

    Eben Klemm

  • Sure. Can’t guarantee a super prompt reply.

  • I am a writer for the film site cine-vue based in the UK.

    I have always been a fan of the movie ‘Cocktail’ it was one those films that my brother and I used to watch growing up and we still quote the dialogue to each other to this day.

    A year or so ago I read an interview with Bryan Brown and he mentioned the original script for Cocktail was much darker and it was rewritten.

    Whether that is true or not I don’t know but if you’d be interested in discussing that, or the film in general then I would be very interested in doing an article.

    Warm Regards

  • Hi Mr. Gould,

    is the picture from “Leading Lady” (the girl) free for use ?
    Or with licence ?

    I think … no.
    Using by another sites …

    (hobby: fake-pictures)

    (sorry for my english)

  • \
    Hi Charly,
    The publisher, Five Star, designed the cover. You would have to ask them.

  • Thank you for this fast answer ;o)

  • You’re welcome. Good Luck.

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