Headaches are a social disease. They are social because they are caused, in large part, by the pressures society exerts on the individual. The most prevalent of all human diseases, headaches strike almost 90 percent of the world’s population at least once a month. Over twelve million Americans are thought to suffer from migraine, the most painful of all headaches, while many millions more are afflicted with chronic “tension” or muscle contraction headaches. Although the headache is ordinarily caused by social pressures, it is also a symptom of many differing ailments and disorders, because it is intimately related to the nervous system, endocrine system and mental condition of its sufferer.
This book explores the complex phenomenon of the headache, examining the anatomy of headaches, their physical mechanism, the role of stress. There is a trenchant analysis of headache causes ranging from pregnancy and allergy to eyestrain and hangover. Unlike certain headache “remedies” —and the author has important things to say about these—this book does not promise instant relief, but no headache sufferer can fail to profit from the information and advice within it.

“Headaches And Health explores the complex anatomy of headache causes ranging from pregnancy and allergy to eyestrain and hangover. The history and treatment of migraine is comprehensively covered, including special diets for suffers. The role of stress is analyzed, and those afflicted with tension and environmental headaches will learn newly developing ways of treating and preventing them.”

“Mr. Gould is a layman not a doctor; he has no elaborate schema for classifying headaches, nor does he add insult to injury by telling you it’s all in your mind — psychologically induced. What he does offer is a holistic, reasonable approach toward containment, if not cure…Sensibly, he stresses preventive and precautionary measures and the need to experiment and try to isolate your own particular “”trigger”" mechanism. Mr. Gould is well-informed and solicitous; he may not heal but he definitely won’t provoke the kind of headache we get from bad books.”
—Kirkus’ Review

“…Mr Gould’s investigations of headache pathology extended over two continents, including interviews with leading specialists and clinical researchers.” 
—St. Martin’s Press