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A Mad Director, off his meds, is making a movie about how he murders the producers who ruined his career. The movie is in his mind. The murders are real.

Tommy Veasy, a pot-smoking homicide detective-our hero-who writes poetry to help him solve cases and ward off despair, thinks he sees a pattern in these seemingly accidental deaths. His colleagues think he’s being dramatic.

But the bodies keep piling.

The staff of a syndicated TV show in its tenth year, formerly an international hit but now only being aired in Montenegro and Botswana, worries about how they will maintain their Hollywood lifestyles when they become unemployable. How will the staff writer pay private school tuition, an underwater mortgage, tennis club dues, the housekeeper, the gardener, cable TV bill, the couples’ therapist, et al.?

Not a big problem: the mad director has planted a bomb in the office phone and is frantically trying to set it off.

And meanwhile, a home invader keeps invading the wrong homes, to everyone’s perplexity.

In other words: it’s just another day in paradise.


This series debut from novelist (The Serial Killer’s Daughter; Double Bang) and screenwriter (Cocktail; Rolling Thunder, Boys From Brazil) Gould incorporates his experiences on and off the set. The manic pace of a killer’s mind, along with an at-times nearly farcical plotline, will keep readers turning the pages. Alternating points of view among Braffner; Veasy; and Veasy’s boss, George Jonas, Gould sets up a story that reaches far beyond the last page and will leave readers wanting the next book. —Starred Review from Library Journal

Author/screenwriter Gould (Cocktail; Fort Apache, the Bronx) casts a jaundiced eye on Hollywood in this madcap first in a series introducing Det. Tommy Veasy of the La Playita PD. Filled with an insider’s knowledge of the backstabbing, cutthroat, libidinous one-upmanship of the film industry… —PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

Interesting characters abound, and the writing style is unique, almost script style but reined in enough to call it a novel with lots of dialogue. This is the blackest of screwball comedies; Gould gives new meaning to the idea of “Hollywood backstabbing.” —Stacy Alesi for BOOKLIST &

Green Light for Murder was so much fun to read. It’s extremely clever and nail-bitingly suspenseful—not to mention audacious and somewhat crazy. Even though you’ll know who the killer is and why he’s killing from the start, the story will still keep you enthralled as you wonder how it’s all going to end.
Off-the-wall characters, wild plot developments, and a sardonic mix of humor makes Green Light for Murder one of the best mystery thrillers I’ve read in quite some time —NIGHTS & WEEKENDS

I’ve heard it said that the only good producer is a dead producer. In “Green Light for Murder”, Heywood Gould takes that literally. This is a true insider’s look at the nuts of Hollywood and the City of Angels. Here’s a police procedural that will make you laugh out loud.

As always, Gould – writer for such memorable books (and films) as Fort Apache, the Bronx, GlitterBurn, Double Bang, Cocktail, and more – creates incredibly memorable and distinctive characters. And, it goes without saying if you’re familiar with Gould’s work, there is all the sex and innuendo we expect in a Heywood Gould novel. Some might call the portrayal of some of the characters absurd; I call it – from personal experience – another day in Hollywood. —KILLER NASHVILLE’S Featured Book of the Day /Reviewed by Clay Stafford

This novel has purpose and that is to bring the reader into the shifting boundaries between fiction and reality. It is a great theme for today’s world caught up in media images, especially for those born into the TV/Facebook/Smartphone interface(s) with reality. The best part of this TAKE, is the reader is being led into it by an expert author, that lives & breaths Hollywood. This is accomplished with a Hollywood pastiche reminiscent of writer Steve Hely. It’s hell of fun to read!

I picked this up mainly because I enjoy Hollywood getting sinisterly skewered by one of their own. I got a lot more than I bargained for. Some deep themes, laughs; and the main course: a fun-filled Hollywood Roast.
—AMAZON.COM, By R. A. Barricklow VINE™ VOICE


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