When Major Charles Rane (WILLIAM DEVANE) returns home to Texas, he is given a true hero’s welcome. He and his friend Johnny Vohden (TOMMY LEE JONES) have endured eight years of physical and mental torture in a POW camp. Charlie’s big home- coming includes a Cadillac convertible and a couple of thousand dollars… and the news that his wife has fallen in love with another man. The event that detonates Charlie is a brutal holdup by a gang looking for his reward money. They murder his son, the only person who matters to Charlie, and grind his hand in awx garbage disposal. But they have underestimated the endurance of this determined man — a man who believes he is already half-dead. Now Charlie is equipped with a metal claw for a hand, his old friend Johnny, and a car that is a rolling arsenal of weapons and ammunition, as they set out to methodically eradicate the killers in true commando style. Excellent performances and a gripping plot that hurtles toward a violent climax.

“…Tough, Complicated and Explosive…”
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times

“…Devane and Jones enhance the material with their nuanced, sensitive portrayals of men who have lost their souls in another land.”
– TV Guide