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The master of the pulse-pounding noir thriller is back. Heywood Gould, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, author of bestselling novels/screenplays COCKTAIL and FORT APACHE, THE BRONX, returns with his biggest tour-de-force yet-THE SERIAL KILLER’S DAUGHTER.

Peter Vogel, a college senior with literary ambitions, has lurid, erotic fantasies about an enigmatic classmate, Hannah Seeley. She favors his overtures with a dismissive smile until one day out of the blue, she offers him a proposition. If he ghostwrites her papers, she’ll have sex with him. He agrees and turns her into an “A” student. She pays promptly, but mechanically. Still, his obsession deepens, and when she disappears at the end of the semester, he is crushed and tries unsuccessfully to find her.

After graduation, Hannah suddenly reappears, bringing with her a chain of bizarre events. On their first night together, they are attacked by home invaders who are later found dead in a dumpster. A day later they are almost carjacked by two thugs in an Escalade who are then found shot dead on a service road. Hannah confesses to Peter. Someone is stalking her. Somebody would very much like to see her dead. Why? No good reason other than Hannah is the daughter of Arnold Seeley, a.k.a., the Robbinsgate Killer, now sitting on California’s Death Row. Hannah tells Peter her father was church deacon and local official who terrorized her small California town in the ‘90’s, torturing and murdering 11 people, among them her best friend. Her stalker began with e-mails and phone calls, threatening to make her suffer as much as her father’s victims. The police don’t believe her. The FBI says it’s not unusual for the families of criminals to be harassed. No one sympathizes with the daughter of a serial killer.

After a close encounter, they have no choice but to hit the road in Hannah’s little VW Bug. The chase is on. Hannah and Peter find themselves on the run from their pursuers while trying to discover the identities of those who want to kill them. It’s a cross-country thrill ride, a cat-and-mouse chase involving murder, deception, and sheer survival.


After a major hiatus (one book since 1988), novelist Gould (Fort Apache, the Bronx; Cocktail) is back with a noir thriller, full of action, dark humor, multiple killings, and a swath of eccentric characters plucked from the American heartland…This high-caliber redemptive road trip is quick-witted, stylish, and highly entertaining.” — Library Journal, Seamus Scanlon, Ctr. for Worker Education, CUNY

“Gould is a movie guy (screenwriter for Boys of Brazil, among other writing and directing credits), and it shows in the big-screen style he brings to this novel. no essayish exposition, just snappy dialogue and narrative set forth in sentences bursting with energy….The reader gets to “watch” a fine thriller unfold.” —Booklist, Don Crinklaw

“With the creation of Peter Vogel, veteran author Heywood Gould has accomplished for THE SERIAL KILLER’S DAUGHTER what Salinger’s Holden Caulfield did for CATCHER IN THE RYE.” —Jedwin Smith, Two-time Pulitzer nominee and author of FATAL TREASURE and OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER

One never knows where Heywood Gould’s creative mind will take us and he’s in rare form again. Now I am honest enough to state that serial killers are not my favorite stories per se, but actually this IS about the serial killer’s daughter and her wild ride through the mystery. Fast ride, weird assortment of characters. And the end did surprise me. Enjoy! —I LOVE A MYSTERY Magazine, Manya Nogg,

Author Heywood Gould has crafted a hell of a thrill ride in The Serial Killer’s Daughter. The action jumps off immediately and never lets up, forcing Peter and Hannah to run from pillar to post in their efforts to both stay alive and figure out who’s behind the attacks. Through it all Gould keeps the pace blistering, the violence visceral, and the actions of Peter and Hannah absolutely believable. —Savannah Morning News, Florida Times-Union, Elizabeth A. White

Heywood Gould has written an exciting crime thriller that looks deeply into the various masks people wear and change to hide their peculiarities and what they consider a fault. …Readers will understand that even serial killers have families who are victims of their insanity too as Mr. Gould allows fans to see up close how the Serial killer’s Daughter survives the whisperers about her heritage. —Midwest Book Review, Harriet Klausner

“Heywood Gould never ceases to entertain and amaze. I could not put this book down. The suspense was literally excruciating.” —Tom Thayer, former president of Universal Television and Emmy, award winning producer of “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.”

“This is the kind of book that you can’t wait to finish and then you’re sorry it’s over.”
—Joe Stern, Executive Producer “Law and Order” & “Judging Amy.”

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