Movies You Will Never See/Empires Of Crime/Part 39


For every movie that is released there are hundreds of scripts that were commissioned, “developed”, written, restructured—and rewritten; reconceived, redeveloped—and rewritten; restored to their original state and—rewritten; Acquired in “turnaround” by another production entity which redeveloped, reconceived, rewrote, rejected, rescued, restored and finally—shelved them.

In a new department the Daily Event will reoffer some of these scripts. Read them and decide: would you like to have seen this movie?

Our first script is EMPIRES OF CRIME. Seven years in development it is a six part mini-series commissioned by a broadcast network and later reacquired by a cable station.

The story is about the founders of Organized Crime, Meyer Lansky, and “Lucky” Luciano, their fifty year partnership and the empire they created. Their friendships and families, lives and loves. It is also about their implacable enemy Thomas Dewey, a young Republican attorney who built a political career prosecuting the Mob that propelled him to the NY Governor’s Mansion and almost to the White House. Who hunted Luciano for years, using wiretaps and bugs, informers and tainted witnesses to send him to prison. And then released him into exile, enduring vicious accusations by his political enemies and dooming his chances of the Presidency, while never revealing the reason for his sudden turnabout.

The entire script is up on the blog, starting on October 13th and ending March 12th. Here are the links to Parts 1 & 2, the two hour Pilot for your review. Links to the other 4 Parts will follow. Vote at anytime. Would you have liked to see this movie? Use the Contact Us button at the menu at the top of the page. Reply yes or no.

Hours One & Two – The Two Hour Pilot (13 Parts)

Part One/Naples, 1962
Part Two/Little Italy, New York, 1913
Part Three/Election Day
Part Four/Dirty Money
Part Five/Partners
Part Six/Getting Some Class
Part Seven/Booze & Billions
Part  Eight/Taking Control
Part Nine/An Empire Is Born
Part Ten/A Vendetta Is Born
Part Eleven/Getting Rough
Part Twelve/In Dutch
Part Thirteen/Board Meeting




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  • I would have liked to have seen the story of Meyer Lansky who was our Miami Beach neighbor and knew my late father.
    Man, I love the “Alex Moskovits hats” (as Mel Gorham likes to call them) on the protagonist of WHITE COLLAR and the name of the love interest… ALEX. No longer with Mel and have adopted a daughter in Brazil. Brooklyn based Scott Franklin, producer of NOAH (in production starring Russell Crowe), BLACK SWAN, THE WRESTLER, etc. interested in making THE DEAN´S LIST. You should write a screenplay for Scott Franklin “on spec” and get yourself an Oscar for making the greatest anti-crime film of recent times. As you must have read, Andrew Russo was indicted in 2011 as boss of the Colombos and we stay in constant touch via Since his arrest, he has given me the greenlight to tell the true story without masking the truth… his own disenchantment with the life he chose, etc. Write your Oscar-winning script about a guy named Alex. Send my regards to your wife. Greetings from Brazil, Alex

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